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"Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund"






Newsletter November/December 2009



Today in the morning I got this mail:

Es sind weitere Arbeiten am Forensystem notwendig.

Dein Forum wird ab Freitag Mittag, den 20.Nov.2009 bis

tief ins Wochenende nicht erreichbar sein!


Other works on the board system are necessary.

Your board is from Friday midday to deeply into the weekend unavaible


I’m really sorry about that, but I can’t change it. All what we can do, is hope, that this time they find the mistakes so the boards works after these weekend without more mistakes.

Ok we can live with that, we know that we have there a very good support, and they do what they can, that all works much better. And we have the guestbook, it is great to see there a lot of people to talk with each other, without any problems. So, while the board is down we can see us there.


At Saturday we can meet us again for the chat. I think we have a lot to talk about. New members in the board Christmas really near in front of us. I know for our Americans friends it is not easy, but it will be great if your there. To see the time difference you can use the link at the homepage, there you find the clocks from the board too.

This time I will be in the chat room at Sunday too. For all who need to talk, I’m there for you, and I’m sure all the girls in the board too. Nobody is here alone, but I believe I don’t have to say this.


The Board

The last month we have really a lot of great posts in the board, and I mean the really post. A lot of threads are being open and all of you talk there.

By this way, a special Thank you to Julia, who record for us all the interviews with Lisa and the last one with Donny. Special for us in Europe it is important, because we can’t see all of these. I know this makes a lot of work, but you do a great job.

Did you all saw Donny at Wednesday/Thursday?


Julia posts that too and I made some screenshots. If anyone needs a translation, please let us know about that, I’m sure that one of us make this for you and  post it.

The homepage

In the next month, you can be sure, that a visit at this side will be for all of you interesting.

From the 1st December you find at the side an “Advents calendar” this is something special for our kids here in Germany, and we thought it will be a nice idea, if we have one for all of you at the board. It is very easy to use:
At the 1st December you click first the calendar at the homepage (you need the adobe reader for that) so a new side will open for you … now you looking for the one and click this … then, ok girls the rest you will see, and I hope you like all what you see.
You can talk about that in the board or in the guestbook, what you like more.

We try to information all of you about Donny’s new movie. He said at the “Larry King Show” that it looks that the movie comes out in the next March. This will be great, and it is not so long what we have to wait. You find often something under the news. The footage to this movie you find under the movies. From time to time, I will upload a clip for the movies, so it will be always interesting to visit the whole side.


The Donation

I know Christmas time – donation time. I really know that, but you can do it the whole year. In the donation part of the homepage you find all about that, and you find as pictures, that we send the money do the Stanford University. That’s sounds a little bit of complication, but Julia and I in this point a really good team and you see, that this works for all.

Every Cent will help in this fight and I believe, that the Stanford University does what they can, to find a way to win it one day.

At the left top corner you find how much you all donation for the “Patrick Swayze Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund” it will be update so often you send something to me. If we have the next 100,00 € I send the money to Julia, and she forwarded it to the Stanford University. I will be wonderful if we can send some money in this year.

I said Thank You for you help.

New Members

In this month we have a lot of new members. Here only the three members, who I think we could hear something of them:


She was a member of THE BEAST board. I say here welcome to you, and I hope to read something of you. If you need help here, please let me know.


Welcome Sandy! Thank you that you give the permission to use the picture of you. I hope you have a wonderful time in a wonderful community. You will see, all here are very lovely.


Hi Honey, I know from you mother, that you like Patrick very much, special “One Last Dance”. I’m sure you will find some friends here in the board, and we have a lot member in your age. So try what you can, you will see it is very easy. You can post in german, we translate it for all this members who can’t understand german.

Hallo Süße, ich weiß von deine Mama, dass du Patrick sehr magst ganz besonders „One Last Dance“. Ich bin mir sicher, du wirst eine Menge Freunde hier finden, und hier sind ja auch viele in deinem Alter. So versuch was du kannst, du wirst sehen, es ist sehr leicht. Du kannst natürlich in Deutsch schreiben, wir übersetzen es dann für die Mitglieder, die kein Deutsch verstehen.


Oh yeah, birthdays are so important. I am right? *lol* Ok in the next month we have a lot of birthdays and because I’m not sure, if I find the time to make a newsletter in the December, I post the first two birthdays in January too. Oh I know I’m very nice.

So, that nobody of you can forget it here the birthday of December/January:


Nadine can celebrate at 12th December her birthday. You have luck, Honey, you don’t need to work at your special day.

Little Flame post it in the guestbook, and she is there very active so I believe it is ok, to tell you, that she can celebrate her birthday at 15th December.

Delphinmaus, yes Honey I don’t forget your birthday at 20th December. I try to come to you … I hope we find a way.

Now the January … oh I know we all celebrate the New Year … but please don’t forget at this day

0001 (2).gif and xhansi.gif

For a lot people it is something special you know a person who born at the 1st January we have here in this community two of them.

Elen can celebrate her birthday together with our youngest member Hansi, in two difference towns, but I’m sure in the mind they do it together.

Thank You

I think it is time to say Thank You:

Thank you to a great team: Elen, Julia, Birte and Biggi … who all helps a lot in the last year. It was a heard year for all of us, and it was for me a big help, to know that you all at my side, to help if I need help. To take care, that all is right at the board, to make sure, that all will be understand at the right way, to look where a mistake in the board is or too tell if not all users can see something this way I want. These are things that are running in the background and the users don’t see a lot of these. But I think this is the right time, to say that these happen all the time in this year.

This board is too big, that one person alone can see all around, so it is good, that we have a great team of 5 people, who take care, that all of you have a lovely board. With a lot of information and support if anyone need it.


For now I said thank you for reading the newsletter. Take care of you, we see us in the guestbook or in the board. Have a wonderful Christmas time.

Love and a lot of strength to all of you