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"Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund"








HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Startet on May 13 2008. One year later, we're a wonderful community in wich all stands together. Together for Patrick, to get him the strengh to fight and give him the believe, that he will win this fight. Together for Donny  that he have the strenght to help his brother. That he know he have a lot of friend, who stands near him. Together for Lisa and the whole family, in the hope, that they know they never alone in this time. Together for all fans ... if one feeling sad, all the others are near to lift there spirits.

Lynn and Donny ... you create an amazing community. With so much love and understanding for everyone. We all very difference, but we all want the same ... help Patrick and his family.

And don't forget Donny! He is in my eyes a great actor and he is a wonderful person who deserve a lot of respect. In the last year he has been a friend for all of us ... of course we never see him, but maybe this will change one day.Be strong Donny.....You are a great man.

The Newsletter for May is now online .. you find it here:



I start to make every month a Newsletter, the member of the board get them with an email. You can find it here:


Powder Blue can be pre-order fom


Our support lies in the full circumference with the whole family Swayze, to her friends and the fans. The first approach point is and remains, the official website of Donny which is examined by Lynn, with a lot of love and care. We thank her and Donny that she supplies us and the fans with information.


Der Termin für das nächste Forumstreffen steht nun fest und wir würden uns über viele Teilnehmer freuen. Es ist der:

Now the appointment for the next forum meeting is certain and we would be glad about many participants. It's the: 


Wer mehr wissen möchte kann mir eine email schicken: Kennwort: Forumstreffen

If you want more information send me an email: password: boardmeeting

Nachdem das Fanforumtreffen ein großer Erfolg war, planen wir nun im Forum das nächste Fantreffen. Der voraussichtliche Termin wird sich wohl im Mai 2009 befinden, er wird aber noch rechtszeitig bekannt gegeben. Bilder zum Treffen in Berlin und einen Bericht könnt ihr  im Forum finden und hier unter Fantreffen.

After the fan forum meeting was a big success, now we plan in the forum the next fan meeting. The prospective appointment will probably be in May, 2009, however, he is still announced legal-early. You can find pictures to the meeting in Berlin and a report in the board and here under boardmeeting.

Wir haben uns nun dazu entschlossen einen regelmässigen Chattag einzurichten. Wir treffen uns jeden jeden Samstag abend ab 20°° MESZ (11°° am in Kalifornien) im Chatraum, den man von dem Button  dieser Seite aus erreichen kann. Der Chat hat kein festgelegtes Ende und jeder ist herzlich eingeladen, niemand braucht sich im Chatraum zu registrieren. Man braucht lediglich in der ersten Reihe einen Usernamen einzugeben ... am Besten den sicheren Modus (das erste Kästchen) anzuklicken und dann auf Login gehen. Wir freuen uns über viele Teilnehmer.

Now we have resolved to furnish a regular chat day. We meet everybody every Saturday evening from 20 °° MESZ (11 °° am in California) in the chatroom which one can reach from the button of   this side. The chat has no agreed end and everybody is warmly invited, nobody needs to register itself in the chatroom. One needs to give merely in the first row a user's name (Benutzername) ... to click Best the sure mode (the first box - sicherer Modus) and then on Login. We are glad about many users.










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