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"Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund"






Newsletter January 2010

I wish all of you a healthy and succesful New Year 2010. I think, that you all starts this year good, of course the most of you.

Congratulation and Thank you to all of you

We have two special reason to be happy.

In the board we have post No. 10,000 and this was happened in the old year. I believe, that is a wonderful work of all the active members.

In the guestbook we start this year with post 1,000. I want to say Thank You to all of you. For all these post, the support and the help everybody can find there.

Whatís new on the board?


A Candle for Patrick

We all think every day at Patrick and there are a lot of sides, where you can light a candle for him. The important candle, of course burn in our hearts, but we think that you all get the chance to light a candle for Patrick on the board. It is your own decision, if you like to do that, and how often you want to do that.

In this area can guests post to, so donít be surprised, if you find their post of non registered user.

Of course there are more side, where you can light a candle for Patrick:


Topposter in the board

Das aktuelle Portalbild ist ja bei euch gut angekommen, was mich natŁrlich sehr freut.

You all like the actually portal picture, and of course Iím happy about that.



After so much positive reaction I come to the decision, that the slideshow will be the whole year on the board. So I need a fair way, in which way I post all the picture and have the follow idea. It is in your own hand, at which position your picture is. I will only post the first 40 Topposter from the board in the order of the highscore. Of course for that I need from all of you a picture or, if you donít want to use your picture I need a special pic for you. Who donít see herself/himself here in this picture, can send me a mail, and we find something for you
The Portalpicture for the February will made around the 25.01.10. Be sure, you will find Donny and Patrick in this Show too.

The Chat


Every Saturday we have a chat from the side. The chat is a wonderful Chance to learn more about the other users from the board, to talk and make the friendship deeper. It can happen, that we talk there about Problems, no matter what kind und we find together ways to handle them. The chat starts always at Saturday evening at 8:00 pm MET, and the right time for you, you find here: If you need help for the chatregistration, can ask me. I have copy here, one of the last chat, so all of you can see, that it is no problem, if you canít talk in English. It will be everytime one there, who can translate in both ways.

Here a little quote from one of the chats we had, so you see how it works (Thank you to Little Flame and DanceAngel79 to gave the permission):

LittleFlame: It's fun to meet new people and learn from each other 
rosarot67: dance: yes your right 
rosarot67: LF: es macht spaŖ neue leute zu treffen, und voneinander zu lernen 
DanceAngel79: jap stimmt...hoffe ich schaff datt irgendwann 
rosarot67: dance: yes, thats right .. I hope I will learn it one day 
rosarot67: oh of course you will, you learn a lot in the meantime/ klar wirst du, du hast schon ne menge in der zwischenzeit gelernt 
LittleFlame: You will...just give yourself that time. English is not easy...even I make mistakes and have been speaking it all my life. 
rosarot67: LF: das wirst du ... gib dir einfach die zeit. Englisch ist nicht einfach .. ich mach auch fehler und spreche es mein ganzes leben lang 
DanceAngel79: grins* 
rosarot67: dance: *smile 
DanceAngel79: and ?? 
DanceAngel79: what machen wir jetzt...sorry klappt noch nicht 
rosarot67: dance: what we're doing now ... sorry it doesn't work 
LittleFlame: Danceangel: Do you have any hobbies? 
rosarot67: Lf: hast du irgendwelche hobbys? 
DanceAngel79: yes computer...and kids 
DanceAngel79: and pet 
DanceAngel79: s 
DanceAngel79: and you? 
LittleFlame: I enjoy reading, the computer, of course, sewing, knitting and camping...a special kind of camping though 
DanceAngel79: what 
DanceAngel79: trau mich nicht so riechtig hab angst ich schreib falsch:-( 
rosarot67: dance: I don't try to write english, I'm fear (?) that I'm wrong 
LittleFlame: That' can always be corrected and then you will learn from it.
I don't ever bite any one...LOL!! 
rosarot67: LF: das ist ok ... es kann korriegiert werden und dann lernst du daraus. ich habe noch niemanden gebissen ... LOL 
rosarot67: you will see, that you learn much more and very fast here/ du wirst sehen, dass du eine ganze menge recht schnell lernst 

Donation for Cancer Research Fund

Of course in the New Year you can make Donation for the Patrick Research Fund. For this reason I made some new puzzle, and you can find them at the homepage. Every Cent is important, that the Doctors find a chance to help the concerned patients. It can happen to all of us, or our familys, so let us help together, that the research find a way. 

New Registration in the last month

In the last month we had one new registration on the board.


 Someone of us know Little Flame a little bit longer, from the 17th December she is registered and so all the others can know a little bit more about her.
So we say "Heartly Welcome" in our little family, so you feeling good with us.



In the next month we can celebrate some birthdays


Our little Michelle can celebrate her proud 8th birthday at the 4th February. We wish you a lot of fun and hopeful so many presents. 


Iím sure Robert make sure, that this day will be a special day for you. Have fun with you whole family.