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"Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund"






Newsletter August 2010


Hello @ all

Time for the Newsletter. I hope that for the most of you is all ok.   


The Boardmeeting

Last weekend we had the boardmeeting. Now you get a little report of it, so all what they missed. In the board you all find some pictures and videos of this afternoon. 
In the morning all was very busy, because we had to made the cakes, the puddings for the meeting. Bianca (Tigerkarat) was the first, she arrived at Thuersday evening so she had a couple of days in Berlin. Karen (Katharina) called in the early afternoon, because she had to work at this day, and so she have to miss it. But she want to wish all a good time together. Next Sandy came with Michelle. The girls are happy to see each other again and after we all eat some cake, the kids went outside and the adults had the time to talk, about the Donny and Patrick, about the boardlife and some special thoughts for that what will coming next. At least Jenny (Delphinmaus) came with her three kids. First the kids stay outside to have fun with Marie, Michelle and Hans. Jessy talk with Vicky, and Jenny talked with all of us. 
It was like a family meeting, and we all laugh a lot. In the evening we had a little barbecue, and here we found the time to have a telephoncall with Elen. The girls had a lot of fun, to make some pictures and videos, and we all forgot to look if someone want to enjoy us though the messenger. So I found later the message of Binchen. 
In this "little" group we talked of course about planes for the next meeting, and I think we found the right date: 

13. August 2011

So all of you, can notice that for the next year. More about that you will find from time to time in the board. Next time, we want to make it for all Fans of the "Swayze Family" so it is maybe not only a board meeting. 

In the next month we have a special day. I know, that some of you like to talk and so the chatroom will be open in this week (13.09. - 19.09.) 

Everyone is welcome to talk, celebrate and remember each other. Who need help for the chat, I will be online with every messenger account, so send me a message or an email. You will find my messanger list here



Topposter of the last month


Thank you, and all the others for the friendly postings all the time. All of you deserve this Award but only three of you can get it.


Birthdays of the month

At the 10th September our Binchen can celebrate her birthday. I wish you a wonderful day, I'm sure you will have it. 


On the same day, this young Lady have her 8th birthday. 

Now I wish all of you a wonderful September.
Take good care of your ... all prayers going to Julia and her family in this hard time. Honey, we're thinking of you, you know, that all of us are here if you need us.

The Boardteam