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"Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund"









 If you want to support the Cancer Organisations it will be very great. You can do it if you click this button.
Here you find some puzzle with Donny


Here you find some puzzle with Patrick.


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You can order the book directly from me. It was writing for the board, and maybe you like it. 2,00 for the cancer help. Sorry for the price ... 19,90 but the print and all that, I hope you understand. You can use the donate button at the top, and tell me, which language you want and of course your address.



The next donation are made ... here you can see all about that:

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-105,00 EUR

23. Nov 2009
08:09:26 MEZ

Julia Starnes
Hi Honey,
I told you yesterday, we have the next 100,00 for the foundation. I'm proud of all our users, who make that sure, and hope we got some more. Send me the copy of the donation to Stanford, like we did it the last time.
I wish you a wonderful day, and hope that we got the next 100 in a short time.
Love, Heike

Here you have the second part of the donation:

Thank you Julia for you help.


The  first donation are made ... you can see here all of that:

Guten Tag Heike ***!

Ihre Zahlung über €105,00 EUR an Julias*** wurde angewiesen.


Betrag: €105,00 EUR
Transaktionsdatum: 1. Okt 2009
Transaktionscode: 1CG39047RB289994C

Betreff: Donate

Honey, we got the first 100,00 € for Patricks Funds. So please send it to the Stantford University and send me a copy of that. Have a good day, Heike

A few days later: