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"Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund"






Newsletter November 2010


Hello @ all

Today you all got a new mail directly from the board. Last month it was only the short message, this time it will be a little bit more.    

The board is now in a new layout online. Not a lot of the members are test it. I don't know why, but I have some ideas. 

Important for all english speakers ... now you have the standard style in english (the german members have to look into the profil to change the language, who need help for that ... tell me). I think nobody will have no the problem, with to much german at this board *lol*. In your profil, you have a chance to change the timezone, so you will have the board in this time what is the best for you. Remember that your password had not changed! 

In the board you have a change to open your own blog to tell your friends more about you or what ever you like to share with your friends. Of course nobody has to do this, but I think it is a nice way to talk with all the others without the risk to spam any email accounts. 

Of course we have in the board some games too. I know a lot of you enjoy much time to play, and to be honest, I'm too. If you want special games, you can tell me. Of course we have a highscore there but believe me you don't have to ask your friends that they help you for a game. 


Yes, in the new board version have an own chat. The problem is, that in a few days this one will be very expensive. So we use our chat you all know, but we can use the shoutbox from the board too. This one you find on the top of the board index, and it have an archiv, so you can read what all the others posted. 
The chatmeetings are always at Saturday and Monday at 8:00 pm (european time). 



Topposter of the last month


Thank you, and all the others for the friendly postings all the time. All of you deserve this Award but only three of you can get it.


Birthdays of the month

And in the next weeks, it will be a lot: 

Our Slam celebrate her birthday on the 27th October. I hope she will have a lot of fun. 

Our newest member Nadja, can make a bithday party at the 04th November.

One day later our Vicky1993 will celebrate her birthday surely with friends and family.

The next day ... can Jenny82 make a big party for her birthday. 

The birthday week will finish by Kat. 

After a few days we celebrate together with Alleeyah her birthday on the 12th November. 

Now we have enough practice to enjoy springis birthday party on the 18th November. 

And the last birthday in this month is of Jonathan on the 21st November. 

In the board, all birthday childrens can find there picture with the birthday threads. I hope you all understand, 


The Boardteam